Our Lesson horses and their kids!

Sara is Morgan Mare, and our Academy show ring expert!   She is willing to take a beginner into the ring for the fist time, or can step it up for one of our seasoned riders.  She can do it all!



​​Merlin is a gelding pony cross, and one of our most popular lesson horses.  He loves little kids, and can teach anyone to post.   

Smokey is a shetland pony gelding and is all pony.  He loves any and all attention from the kids, and knows how to work a birthday party better than anyone!



Truth is an American Saddlebred Gelding used for our advanced riders.  He is an excellent teacher, and really makes his riders work hard!

Ernie is an American Saddlebred gelding that has retired from his show horse days and now teaching our intermediate riders.  He often travels with the Academy Team to shows.



Kid Rock is an American Saddlebred Gelding used for our advanced riders.  Game and go-forward he is always ready to hit the ring with his riders.  He is also used for our driving lessons 

Dolly is an American Saddlebred mare, and teaches our tiniest of riders.  She is extremely kind and patient, making her the best teacher!


Tiger is an Appalossa gelding, and is great for any level rider.   He loves all the attention he gets from his kids, and really loves painting day at camp!

Dove is our favorite Morgan Mare here at the farm.  She is excellent for the riders that are learning to be independent.


Cricket is an Arabian Mare used for our intermediate riders.  She is always willing to go, and very good about teaching patients.   She has become a favorite of many of our students



Sandler is an American Saddlebred gelding with a heart of gold.  He too teaches our tiniest of riders and is as honest as they come.  


Gabe is an American Saddlebred gelding, and an Academy expert.  He can teach a variety of riders, from riders that in the begining stages of riding to our more advanced riders.